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Changing aikido organizations


I currently train in a dojo which is affiliated with "Organization A", which is headed by a high level shihan. However, I have been attending many seminars with the shihan from "Organization B", and I find that I much prefer the teaching style and aikido being shown by Shihan B.

The problem is that there is no dojo affiliated with Organization B in my area that I can join to get the affiliation with the shihan. I doubt I could ever truly be his student without at least affiliating with the organization in some way.

I would also like to say that I have zero problems with the current dojo I'm training at or my immediate teachers, and I would like to continue training there, if possible.

But I fear that even raising the question of switching organizations may be viewed as a betrayal by some there. I love training there and don't desire to cause disharmony or sever the bonds which have taken years to form. On the other hand, I also feel that for me continuing to test and accept rank from Organization A would be rather insincere, if not downright dishonest, since in my heart I know that I want the transmission of my aikido to come primarily from shihan B.

I also hesitate to approach Shihan B with this question, as I feel I would be imposing on him somewhat and potentially causing political headaches for him and his organization.

I'd just like to know if other aikidoka have experienced similar issues, and how they delt with it. Has anyone ever successfully changed organization affliliations while continuing to train in the same dojo?

Sorry for being so vague, but I fear getting more specific would jeopardize my anonymity.
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