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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
At the moment your communication method looks like that of taking it to the extreme of publicly suggesting an international NPO with world harmony ambitions can be compared with the oppressors of millions of African Americans.
Well, yes, it's meant to be somewhat satirical. Would a post that starts with He-man be otherwise?

I really think that you're asking for it to be more than it was meant to be. If it starts some conversation (and it has, the "Benefits of the Aikikai" thread, which seems, IMO, more interesting) then that's enough for me.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Your attempt to clarify your statement on the different concepts of regulation doesn't make this look like a simple thing. You haven't even proven that across the board regulation is not the case now.

The process of regulating this kind of thing appears just as complicated and nuanced as any other kind of international/cross-cultural diplomacy.

I don't know what part of "everybody follows the same rules" is complicated. It's not five-country talks on nuclear arms.

Even from the little that's available on the Aikikai website you can see that the rules for establishing an organization are somewhat different on the domestic side (quite a bit looser for forming an organization - see the section on 登録条件) than on the international side.



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