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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification


I appreciate your continued efforts to explain things to me. Just a couple more points...
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You know - nothing in the blog post is new (although some people seem to think it is). The original post by Tani was made because of similar discussions here and on Aikido Journal, and the topic has resurfaced periodically in both those forums. At those times I've said - pretty much the same thing. Unfortunately, no further public comment has been forthcoming.
Of course I know that nothing in the blog post is new. It was me that pointed out that your references are a decade or more out of date. The only reason for public comment is in an alleged email correspondence that you can't share. That is why I am advising you to contact Mr Tani directly. At the moment your communication method looks like that of taking it to the extreme of publicly suggesting an international NPO with world harmony ambitions can be compared with the oppressors of millions of African Americans. You understand Japanese and are capable of explaining your case privately in Mr Tani's native tongue. Why the preference for negative PR in the Anglophone blogosphere?
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Because a clear set of regulations applied across the board (which is what you would normally expect) would solve the problem
Your attempt to clarify your statement on the different concepts of regulation doesn't make this look like a simple thing. You haven't even proven that across the board regulation is not the case now.

The process of regulating this kind of thing appears just as complicated and nuanced as any other kind of international/cross-cultural diplomacy.

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