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Re: Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective

Hi again Ross,

Your gift of prose and poetry never cease to amaze and humble me. The classy way you have of sharing your views, even contrary ones, is True Aiki in action. I learn each time you share.

Perhaps we are both being duped by differing notions of semantics, or it may be that my soul is incapable of appreciating the juxtapositioning of notions of full and empty. Or perhaps I was simply toying with you, as is my wont with people I respect and admire.

My personal viewpoint is that one cannot be either "full" or "empty", as such a condition would preclude real time learning and absorbtion of vitally essential experiences as they occur. Rather, we all have varying degrees and capacities for assimilating, processing and creating anew from such input as we encounter them.

To me, it is a futile waste of energy to first "empty", and then "fill" myself during the course of my training, growth and development. I'd rather be constantly ready to upgrade and enhance my positioning, rather than simply exchanging knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Keep up the good work, and do think better of yourself. I do.

in oneness,

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