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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Intelligent Fools, Dragons, and Princesses


I always appreciate your thoughts. What I am seeking is to learn more about the basis for your assertions. I see a number of things that you say as if they were self-evidently true, but to me they are not. I don't mean I think they are necessarily false, but rather that to me they are not self-evidently true.

I also think ego and logic are very different in my own experience. You speak of wisdom as being a kind of higher logic, and this I agree with, but as a vindication of logic rather than a refutation of it.

Ego is not the enemy. Not to me, anyway. Ego can be made into an enemy, but it is not inherently so, and it takes work to make it so in any case. Ego is simply one manifestation of our true self. Ego is a kind of interface between self and other. That at least is my understanding, so it makes more sense to me to deal with it lovingly, to see that it is rightfully healthy and functional, and is not being derogated.

In any case, I enjoy our exchanges and honor your views. I'm deeply grateful for your contributions to the discussion of my articles and the respectful attention you give them. The wonderful thing about these fora is how we can come together to extend and amplify one another, not necessarily in unison, but more often in harmony. It pleases me that you and I can be in the same chorus.
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