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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Chris, I realise this is probably not your intended meaning...

How is an inherent factor such as being Japanese a problem here?

That's a losing hand if you're playing a race card that has the hypocrisy of a particular ethnicity/nationality being somehow less able to conceive something as its value.
I didn't say "being a Japanese", I said the "Japanese conception" which is somewhat different. Meaning, that Japanese cultural practices don't always translate outside of Japan, and since the Aikikai is an international organization this becomes a source of certain problems.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
You actually seem to refer to two statements by Mr Tani, although it is the same one used twice for two different times.
Yes, the first one was an interview (as stated) and the second one was a separate email (that should be evident if you read the text of the email).

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
You'll understand if this doesn't look very strong as evidence of a current policy of discrimination a decade or so later in 2012. Even back then, it just looks like an ongoing process of fixing the problem of regulation.
As I said - that the issue continues is based on other discussions that are not postable. There are also other issues that are related, but that I won't get into - the root, I think is a lack of transparency and clarity.

The fact that there is still so much confusion over what should be such a simple thing after 10 years is just symptomatic of the problem.



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