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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Conrad Gustafson wrote: View Post
From my understanding of Japanese culture, there are usually a lot of unwritten rules for how things are done - rules which would not make sense or apply taken out of context.
That's fine, as long as you are only in Japan. It's when you go international that the problems start.

The vast majority of Aikido students and instructors are not in Japan, are not Japanese, and will probably never go anywhere near Aikikai hombu.

Of course, the Aikikai is free to do as they wish - but so is everybody else. As a matter of practicality, it behooves them to consider these issues if they wish to remain relevant.

It used to be that people were tied to the Aikikai through their instructors. Now, even most senior instructors have little or no time training at hombu, and very few ties there. For most people, their sole contact with hombu now comes in the form of a very expensive piece of paper that's filled out by a secretary in the hombu office.

These are things that the Aikikai really should consider for the future.

Note that I'm not calling for people to walk out - I like the idea of the Aikikai or an Aikikai-like organization that acts as a general umbrella. But every relationship is a two way street that needs to be maintained.



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