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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
But how do you transcend a previous state of mind? Unless you're using the word "transcend" to mean a state that may be (likely is) only temporary, and I don't think that's what most people think when their goal is transcendence. I think they believe (hope) that they'll transcend all that (icky mess, undesirable state, whatever) and leave it behind forever.
Well maybe I'm not using the right word...
I meant to describe realizations which fundementally (and "positively," whatever that might mean) change how we view the world around us.

I agree most people probably think of enlightenment as an endstate where all the pain goes away instead of a pathway you have to keep working at. I tend to think it's the latter, but I hold out hope that it'll land in my lap. A fella can dream.
I tend to view empathy as an enlightened-like activity and it's one of the most painful and frightening things I've experienced.
Not that I'm very enlightened.
I know that much about the condition of my condition.
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