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Re: Well, EXCUSE me!

Dave Organ (DaveO) wrote:
Pardon me; I wasn't aware my post warranted such patronizing condecension. Neither was I aware I needed any explanation from you.
No? Who did you think was going to explain it? Who did you think you were addressing when you questioned the idea of Dan having 'submitted'? Had you bothered to read the thread carefully, like I suggested, you would have realized that you were responding to my posts. Next time, show some respect to the those with whom you disagree by at least demonstrating in your post that you have read and understood their positions.
I do not see any of his actions as submission; I see them as an acceptance of the situation and a successful resolution of conflict. His class was disrupted by this individual; he had a simple choice: Allow the disruption to continue or solve it. He chose the latter, and had another choice: Solve it positively or negatively. He chose the former. If you choose to see that as 'submission', that's your choice, not mine.
Your argument is that because Dan's actions were positive in effect, they couldn't be submission. Why not?
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