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Allen Beebe
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Re: Allen Beebe Sensei in the Netherlands

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
are you kidding? i am married with children. my life is no longer my own. i couldn't even get to some of seminars here in the states, and could only drool from a distance.
Hi Phi,

I hear you! I'm married with children too. I just spoke with my wife and we have $18 in the checking account to see us through to the end of the month! My son's birthday is Friday, but my wife says it is okay because she already bought a couple of toys, has some cake mix and thinks she might find a few bucks in the laundry. Yesterday I attended a meeting where I was asked to "donate" the 2% raise contractually promised me (for one year) after having waited several years with no cost of living increase or raise until this promised year. I'm supposed to do this so that the firing of teachers (this year) doesn't go over 100 positions. Firing those folks would raise unemployment, eliminate whatever remaining support programs still exist (a few schools still have music and/or PE) and raise class sizes. My kids are at my school, so I feel it both ways . . . say, "No" to a living wage? Say, "No" to a good education for my kids? I keep telling myself, "At least I have a job." That was supposed to be the "big benefit" my parents and grandparents talked about. "They don't lay off teachers in a depression." Up dated correction: "They don't lay off ALL teachers during a depression."

Anyway, I hear you. Hang in there!

If you ever find yourself out in Oregon please look us up!

All the best,

[BTW, in case my post sounds like Mr. Pouty pants, I was just sharing facts. Some other facts to consider: I may not have a lot of money, but I'm not poor. I come from a supportive family never short on love. I have a terrific wife and fantastic kids and we are never short on love. I have damn good friends and we are never short on love. My martial arts training is better than ever (my training not necessarily me) and my training brothers and sisters never hesitate to share the "love." I've got a decent job that is harder than hell, but I've learned to love my job as much as I love my students. Playing my guitar is free! When I count my blessings (and I've made a habit of counting my blessings when I count my cash) I am truly ASTOUNDED at the wealth poured out on me! ]

~ Allen Beebe
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