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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Hello Chris

Maybe I'm missing something here... I can't find a Japan-only grading system on the Aikikai website.

You linked to the 合気会とその活動 page in your blog for what you described as one of the " two standards". However this is the page for "Aikikai Activity", not the regulations page. It contains the yearly plans and gives a brief outline of the purpose of the Aikikai.

The Japanese version of the regulations page only lists the international regulations.

Why would they only list these regulations if they don't even apply within Japan?

Also, there do appear to be some Japanese 6th dans who do not hold the title of shihan.



Article 16 : SHIHAN
1. The Hombu examines and appoints Shihan from among persons who are 6th dan or above, and who are proficient in practice and instructing.
2.To the appointed person, a Certificate of Appointment is awarded by the Hombu.

一、 師範は、稽古、指導共に熟達した六段以上の者の中より本部が審議し認定する。

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