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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

feel some progress. My stability is becoming better (it was crappy when I started and less crappy now). It also feels as if the drills become less awkward to do. I count that as progress.

I also feel sensations in my tissue when training, which over time has gradually expanded from the outside of my lower arms to my torso. This is not very useful (that I know of) but I think it is a part of the process.

I think my connections are getting better and I think I'm making some progress in developing and using dantien, but again, this is very gradual. Sometimes in aikido I try to consciously use my body the way I train, but that's not easy. I guess I have to solo train more until it becomes like second nature. Also, I'm only 4 kyu in aikido (since last month) so aikido by itself is already quite a challenge.

I only really solo practise about 3 hours a week, which is not very much. I also play around with my body when I'm stuck in traffic (which happens every day when I commute), but that probably does not count for much. I need to spend more time training.

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