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The evolution of aikido is going as it should be. Keep your crap-detector finely tuned as you progress through your life, and remember, there's more than just old age out there to kill you.

I had a similar series of thoughts about the direction of aikido when I was only 3 years into training. But now, today, I think of the change in aikido this way...

The change isn't good or bad, it's change. It's what things do. We often judge change as good or bad, but really it only aggravates the truth: change happens. Aikido is a perfect fit for our world -- we can change the technique, the thoughts, but it will [usually] mimic the events of the natural world.

Now, what about some of those "unscrupulous" teachers or students? I choose to think of humanity's time on earth as a little window. This timeframe is insignificant compared to the rest of eternity. These people will only be around for the crumb of a speck of time on this planet, so I try not to sweat them.

The short of the long (before I fall asleep!) is that aikido is perfect for change because it embodies the change around us. And, for the changes we don't "like", well, the inappropriate things will likely filter out over long periods of time, long after we die by old age (or delivery truck).

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