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Re: Two Hundred and Fourteen

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I did - in that he implies that the attacker being in motion is a requirement for doing something.

A lamp post can block you from going somewhere if it's in the right position. That was my point - this theory is invalidated that by the fact that there are many times when you will have to deal with someone who is not moving.


O.K. Chris so we disagree on the first point as to what he implied.

On the second I think I know where he is coming from so I don't think your point invalidates it at all. More that you misunderstand it.

There are not many times when you have to deal with someone who is not moving, especially in Aikido and especially when the scenario is not one of already being held.

A lamp post does not have to be moved even if it's threatening to fall on you.

In blending style Aikido there is no doing to, it's not necessary. That's where I believe he is coming from. We shall see.

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