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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Keith wrote:

But to take this full circle, wouldn't most say that Ueshiba himself felt he was enlightened in some sense of the word? Same with Tohei? Same with many of the others Ellis mentioned?
Interesting question. Not sure it could be answered, but does it present a catch 22. I mean if their ego tells them that they are "enlightened" then are they? or are they suffering from the delusion of what they see themselves as, or what they want to be seen as? How many of their "followers" WANTED to believe that they were? How much has time and distance colored the view and "myth"?

No doubt they had special talents and insights. In some ways I think most of us do...some more than others maybe? who knows?

For myself, I finally came to the conclusion that I was "okay" being flawed as a person. I am good with who I am and where I am going for the most part. Not happy necessarily about getting old, and my greatest fear is loss of relavancy in the world. That would be measured by me being in an old folks home surrounded by other old folks complaining about medications and what they had to eat that day.

Outside of that, I have really tried to "let go" of all the other crap. I try...not always successful...and some of it...really I enjoy holding on to! I enjoy being human to be honest!

So, enlightenment...gave up on it as I think the true measure of success is happiness and I am trying my best to be that!

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