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Re: Has anyone bought a Gi or Hakama from the Hombu Dojo?

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Hi James
If you plan to go to Kyoto I can recommend They do good work. If you order and pay your items up front they can even mail it with "Black Cat" to your hotel/ryokan so that it will be ready for you once you get there. They have a basic aikido gi which I like a lot. They are a bit big however until you get them washed.

Also they have great hakamas. For traveling a tetron hakama may be what you are looking for. The cotton ones wrinkle quite easily.

BTW: where are you going to stay in Tokyo? Allow me to suggest The owner there it a nidan in Aikido (I think) and it's a great place to stay at a very reasonable price. It's in Ikebukoro and it's quite convenient to get to hombu dojo from there. Get a railpass

Have a great trip

I second kimi ryokan. I've met and trained with the owner, Minato-san, and he is very nice. I also have a tetron hakama. It is very low maintenance. I recently bought a cotton one for special occasions, but I haven't worn it yet, so I can't comment on that.
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