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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post

So, back to Modern Aikido and spirituality/enlightenment. You do realize that some from the Voices of Experience (you know, those people with at least 20 years teaching experience) think aikido as a path to enlightenment. Some think it a path to some spiritual goal. Some don't. Hence, the thread. I personally think aikido *has* the capability to be a spiritual path, possibly to enlightenment. I don't think the current Modern Aikido is on the right path for that, though. Hence the thread.
Brings back memories - my very first post to Voices of Experience (when it first started) was on the quote from Kiichi Hogen.

Modern Aikido talks about spirituality and enlightenment a lot.

That is, many people talk about it, but there's no methodology or process by which to get there.

Other people talk about it, but assume that it will somehow develop as a natural by product of repetitive practice.

IMO, the results of these approaches haven't been encouraging, I don't think that they even significantly alter the curve.



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