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Re: warped perceptions

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
As I said before -- there are more solid facts in the story than any of the posters have provided to debunk the story.

I never once said that I believed the story was true -- I only asked posters who believed that the story wasn't true, to provide some solid reasons to support their opinions. Thus far, there have been none.
It must be the late hour, or the impetuous nature of youth, but I'll take a stab at that thar' cupie doll...

(note - it's late and I'm fudging these numbers slightly for simplification. Will

approximations suffice or do I need to crack open the books? ;-)

A neural impulse works at a speed of around 400km / hr. Preceding this is the act of

perception (assuming dogging bullets isn't a spinal cord level function). Let's say that

takes 4/ 100th of a second. Let's be generous and say that upon receiving the neural

message from the brain the muscles act instantaneously (they don't but what the hey)

Perception + processing + message to muscles + action = dodge bullet.

For the sake of simplification (see above caveat) let the whole shebang = 10th of a


Even assuming a sub-sonic bullet (let's say 200 m / sec) given the distance of 40 feet

that equals abt 0.075 of a second to reach intended target. Times that by 6 shooters,

presumably firing at slightly different body areas.

To move out of the way of such a barrage, one would have to move at speed closely

approximating the bullets. Even if such speeds were possible, the required force would

tear the muscles off the bone.

That leaves the option of pre-cognition which, given the late hour, I ain't touching ;-)
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