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Re: Aiki Intensive with Bill Gleason

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Announcing our next Aiki Intensive at Shobu Aikido with Bill Gleason

May 12 - June 30 - August 11
9-noon and 2-4pm

These intensives offer an opportunity for deep study into the relationship between Aikido and the internal strength/aiki skills that many are now pursuing. The Aiki skills are the base that O-Sensei developed Aikido out of--so learning the skills are just the first step. The next step is to integrate them into Aikido practice.

This series of three sessions allows the time and the one-on-one attention to introduce aiki skills and practice them alone and in the context of Aikido technique. Class sizes are limited so that everyone can get hands-on feedback.

Further information available here.
Hi Hugh,
Hoping there is a bit of bleed of the IS/aiki material into the July weapons seminar, that I am planning to make it to (Can i enrol online?). I purchased the Aiki Eastside video of Gleason sensei so am eager for more...


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