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Re: Can I sit here?

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
The irony is that if someone posts a new thread on an "old" subject, they are immediately deluged with scornful, "Do a search" comments. So they do a search and now want to comment on what they found. They can:
1. Resurrect the old thread and get jumped on, particularly if they disagree with a position on that old thread - and no, it's not the same as in a new thread, because the jumpers throw down their authority based on the history of the thread that shouldn't have been revived anyway.
2. Start a new thread, cite the old thread, as a response, have people comment that "we've already discussed this"

Aikiweb runs the risk, of becoming a rather closed little group, with a few factions, recycling the same discussions amongst the same people. New people join and are quickly put in their place - that whatever they attempt to discuss or ask about is old news - but don't you dare bring up the old news for a fresh look.

One thing about aikido that I've always liked (and that I personally don't think conflicts with it as a martial art) is that a lot of people who join get incredibly enthusiastic - in fact, they get really happy. There is something about the art that makes a lot of people joyful. I see such people post here on Aikiweb, and their enjoyment of discussing things is soon leached away. To be sure, some people, new or old, can be obnoxious with their agendas, and don't want to discuss anything - just be missionaries for their own position. Nonetheless, Aikiweb often reminds me of junior high, with a kid happy to be going to a new school trying to find a seat in the lunchroom.

Ellis Amdur
Nice post, Ellis - I will trade you my peanut butter and jelly for that bologna sandwich you got

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