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Re: Teaching Aikido, an Aiki perspective

Hi Ross,

Thank you for your clarification of terms and purpose. I find your mind fascinating in its ability to create and to illuminate. I do remain in a quandary, however, since I have not met, or heard of anyone capable of being simultaneously full and devoid of knowledge. Is this a person you have imagined as a desired mentor? Would you define such a person further, along with any other positive attributes you can identify?

Personally, I have loads of time for imagination and visualizations, but none at all for fantasy. The real people I encounter, and have the privilege to teach daily, provide much more in terms of instant feedback and genuine inspiration. This is truly one on one training (Shidoo Geiko), with both teaching and learning happening at the same time. No spare time have I to wander about, looking for an abstract concept come to life, or some awesome mentor to lead me to enlightenment.

I have never considered “emptiness” as other than a void I choose to avoid. It is a true waste of time to even consider, and an unfortunate usurper of a precious opportunity for a valid notion to take shape or to occur.

Aiki is manifest everywhere and anywhere I look, hear and touch. By responsibly teaching my interpretation of Aiki in my Aikido, I am better equipped to recognize it in the lessons I receive in turn.

In oneness,
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