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Re: Intelligent Fools, Dragons, and Princesses

Ross Robertson wrote: View Post

Logic can be wrongly applied, but then, so can love. If love that is wrongly applied is not true love, then logic that is wrongly applied is not true logic.

In any case, if logic is the enemy, then is it exempt from the principles of loving protection? And the same for our egos, can we not establish disciplines which bolster and enhance our egos in healthy, balanced ways?

Also, if not through logic, then by what channel should I be persuaded of the merits of a new idea? For me, logic leads to love, and vice-versa, if each be true.
Hi Ross.
Can love be wrongly applied? It either is or it isn't love. There is no wrongly applied love means it isn't love. Logic wrongly applied? What's that? I know logic is applied and many times to a bad result.

Logic is exempt from loving protection and every other spiritual truth. The zen koan of empty cup springs to mind.

Ego? Well we can give in to it, appease it, act from it etc. but if we understand it the only way of balance is by having nothing to do with it and thus letting it learn a better way. Every spiritual or cognitive realization you have increases your own awareness and understanding and thus wise changes ego. It is a thing that needs restoring not balancing in my view but it comes not through addressing it but through addressing self.

Now once we transcend logic we find what is there and what is there is real and follows certain principles. Understanding these principles would thus form a 'higher' type of logic you could say, better known as wisdom.

Enlightenment and enlightenments are all to do with this path are they not?

In our daily lives and I would put it to you, in Aikido, we come across doing things that defy logic. Not having a logical explanation we react to them in various ways. Thus they end up labelled magic or unreal or IP or just phenomena. Mostly rejected by logic and even feared.

Ego has no love, no kindness, no goodness, no faith. It has no intuition. Only you have these things and you are the true self of ego so any balance can only come from the rehabillitation, realignment and restoration of yourself by yourself.

Thus I say people, humans, in their current condition overall are far from enlightened. We tend to think that the most scary things are monsters. In my experience I have found the most scry things for many are things like love, goodness, kindness etc. Scared to love others for fear of blah blah blah. Scared to be too kind for fear of being taken advantage of or more blah blah blah. Thus they actually live in fear constantly, the place of ego, and protect themselves with logical reasons as to why they are and act as they do.

These are my thoughts on the matter.

Logic believes that enlightenment is some kind of thing that equals improved.

Wisdom knows that enlightenment is a returning to. This implies we have lost something, in fact a lot. Logic and ego cannot have this for they think they are being the best they can be.

Humility. We are as humans a bunch of dumb, unenlightened, stupid people. Unaware as to how we got so stupid and ignorant.

To see this would be the first stage of enlightenment I would say.

When you know love you know it conquers. Until then you doubt and fear it.

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