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Diana Frese
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Re: On "Resurrecting" Old Threads

Hi, everyone. I've been tied up most of this year, and everytime I take the time to actually sign on instead of just reading without doing that, there is a little "Hi Diana" notice, mentioning I haven't posted in a while and to please take a few minutes.

I appreciate the kind word, so here I am. Being about a year and a half on AikiWeb, I just love old threads, but I can see Mary's point, sometimes the old threads are very very long, or have questions that are very old from people not active on the forums these days. I guess it all boils down to individual preference, would you prefer a fresh new thread with current people replying to it, or would you like to search further back on the threads to hunt out all the perspectives and points of view on a topic you are very interested in.

I guess it takes all kinds to make a world. I usually avoid heated discussions, by the way, because years ago I would try to see the point of view of both sides of any discussion or real dispute between people and get a symbolic black eye from both! That's how I got the nickname of Panda. Some of my former students remembered the story and actually sent a few letters or emails to me as The Great Panda as some sort of legendary character.

Well, enough about me. I just want to point out a feature where you can look up related threads if you scroll down. I have found some fascinating stuff that way. Or you can use the search function.

Sincerely, Daian, trying not to become a panda again.

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