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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

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I was thinking that qi gong could help out in terms of internal training.
It surely can. That Internal Stuff training is really some very potent kind of specialized qi gong.
But there are innumerate different sets and systems of qi gong exercises, trainings and practices, and they all have different objectives. Most western qi gong is just for improving overall quality of live. Though they can condition you somewhat regards whole body movement and can teach to feel Ki.
You can then transfer this into your martial training to spice it up.
Some systems are well integrated into martial arts and are meant to build Internal Strength. But you need an IP/IS-competent teacher to exploit them, and those teachers are rare, even in the so called inner martial arts.

Here's an exercize which is reportedly being useful for conditioning brain and body for IP, i.e. some people developed IP using this exercizes (and pole swinging). The video is "fast forward" - the exercize should be as slow as possible, taking at least 30 minutes for one run, to be effective.

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Now, about Ki / Qi. I don't really believe that I can manipulate / bend Ki to my will (I'm not a monk of any kind that meditates every day and devotes his life for that purpose - hence I'm kinda doubtful that an average person can control Ki).
You don't have to. And the conservative daoist approach to IS/IP is to just learn to let things happen.

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I've came across people that are Ki practitioners. Lots of muscle power is involved - that is what I can say from my personal experience.
Qi/Ki is just a shamanistic, philosophical, alchemistic, ..., model to explain things that happen in your body and your brain. Nothing magic there. It's all muscles, fascia, bones, nerves, physics, neurology and chemistry.
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