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Your "common sense" is not equal to evidence in the form of witnesses who give first-hand accounts.

A number of witnesses saw Jesus walk on water. What he did defies most people's "common sense," yet billions of people throughout history believe that he did it. This fact also defies "common sense."
Hi Mike,

Let me just tell you something about your example of Jesus. The word for "on" was the same as for "by", but with a mark above one letter (as told to me by a collegue who is a bit of a theologian). So, it could be easy to mistake Jesus walking by the water with him walking on it. Walking on water sounds better though doesn't it?

Also, don't worry about meeting Shioda Sensei one day, as he passed away 8 years ago!

I have had the pleasure of being a student of 3 Sensei who trained under Shioda Sensei and they said that Shioda Sensei liked his stories, as my teachers did. And I too actually! (Hmm - pattern forming)

This did happen, but the way it happened is not known. Shioda Sensei says that himself.

When I do Jiyu Waza against an Uke with a real knife I know he is not trying to kill me... If he was I would not let him get back up and attack me again......

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