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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

All thinks considered (talking only about me) I see Dan, and another friend with great understand, as stretch goals. That is to say that putting all the needed elements together to be like them may not be possible.....I am looking at this in the same light as wanting to be a dominate 7' center in the NBA...maybe all of the tools needed may not be present and in the right combination.... That is not to say I won't be trying, but steps and steps and steps....happy with each level I reach.

One of my personal goals now is to add back in to the daily training in Aikido some of the results that can be achieved through the training that Dan provides. I am talking IP at this level, opening closing, and some use of intention. Just in the beginnings of this. As a friend said to me" can't do the adults drills until the children's drills are mastered"

I have trained with Dan three times and will see him again this year. I agree that solo training is a key element in this work and I believe that finding ways to incorporate the practice, principles and concepts where you can in your daily life is helpful..... sounds familiar.....

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