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Re: "move your inside"

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Nicholas,
Having a bad day are we?For what it its worth [one euro ]I was just joking in my blog.It would appear that Teutonic humour is not on the same waveband as we Brits.No doubt you will see this message as insulting to you.All I can say is lighten up Nicholas , if I wished to insult anybody [including you ] I would use slightly harsher terminology.Guten Tag , Joe.
Ps Since you appear to know what point I am missing , why not drop me a line and give me the benefit of your knowledge?
Ah, too bad a I cannot put on my worst German accent in writing. Joe, you asked a question, you got an answer, and since you have a history of couching your unwillingness to engage with even the possibility of internal work in "humour", dont be surprised. If, of course, you take the internal work that Phi is outlining as a real and interesting possibility, you have my heartfelt apologies.

I cannot state his point any simpler than he did. I could subtract his humour, but then again, that would play your national stereotypes in a way I cannot allow, so I wont do it.

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