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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Mr. Mollering,
I started with Dan last year, went thru 2 seminars with him so far but I am also under Chris Li's dojo, so I have extra support. However, that does not mean I am "good" or know what I am doing, far far from it, it just meant that I think I am luckier than most. Back to what you said:

"lSecond point, is what Dave said:
I enjoyed doing qi gong very much! It helps me to have a better day. But there is no cennection to martial / aikidô - practice. ("I can make my hands feel warm and prickling. - But not those of uke ...") So even with a lot of experience I didn't manage to transfer my qi gong into my aikidô. Except having a better posture and better equilibrium.
After just 2 1/2 days with someone who teaches explicetly internal work there is no question that this can be transferred to the martial arts.*
For sure. Makes a whole lot of sense!

I had been practicing qi kung for health for many years, off and on. As much as health qi kung is different from martial arts qi kung as our limited knowledge tells us at this moment, I still suspect and strongly believe that they are transferrable. Example, when I first met Dan, I was trying to "show off" my qi kung to "impress" him and without more detail, he put me way way back in my place with his demonstration of what I was trying to do and he is a " martial arts" qi kung sensei as most of us would consider him to be. Hence my suspicion. I sincerely hope Dan won't be mad at me for telling you guys that otherwise I will need all the prayers I can get to survive his next visit to Hawaii in July . My purpose in telling you that is because I am so excited that you, Dave and I have the same suspicion and I really sincerely wish more people would take advantage to learn all they can from such a talented, powerful sensei as Dan who basically devout himself in helping others to see the "light" especially for those of us who has been practicing Ai-Do all this time but missing O-Sensei's vision of true Aikido.
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