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Re: Master Sam F S Chin in Honolulu May 26-27, 2012

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Sifu Sam Chin will be returning to Honolulu for a 2nd I Liq Chuan workshop on May 26-27 (Memorial Day Weekend), 2012.

Details at

Out of state attendees should contact me for local info.

Sifu Sam and I will also be visiting Big Island May 21-25 and will have some free time to meet people on Big Island as well.

hi Bud
Isn't this a wonderful turn of events? To me, this what. Budo was supposed to be about....and...when discussions of internals came up, the type of honest commradery I was hoping for. I continue to make it a habit of recommending others, open rooms... all over the world. Sam does as well. I think its a model that truly benefits us all.

Good luck
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