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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Warning: humorous attempt is included in the following content:

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
is it $9.99? i don't want to pay $10 for it. free shipping? what about side-effects? will there be any adverse side-effects like losing hair (not a problem here), memory (not a problem here either)?
Hi Phi. A word of advice. I ordered this delivery. First of all it was four weeks too late in delivery. Batteries was not included (as promised) and it was the wrong color. I kept it though since sending it back would probably not do anything apart from another 4 to 6 weeks of waiting - and after all maroon is not so bad a color.

Now two weeks later the enlightenment seems to be wearing off. It's kind of blurry on the edges and a hughe blind spot has appeared in the middle so I say it's ten bucks down the drain. Never go for low price enlightenment. It won't come to you as fast as you hope, and it will deteriorate once you get used to it.

Yesterday I placed an order at It's their luxury edition based on LED (less power consumption) and nanotechnology (will stick to any subject) so I hope this makes me feel happy and devine within a week or so. I'll be back with a review once it gets her.

Anyway.. jokes aside. I second the view that enlightenment is not something that your Aikido sensei should teach. It might appear to you through your training but I don't think it's the goal of our practice.

I also think enlightenment (like such frases as 'aikido proficiency') is not a finite measure. It's not a 'thing to be won' or a grade to be passed. To me it's a load of small realizations about myself, my body and my relation to other people which all together hopefully pushes me in the direction of becomming a better person. Maybe some get a revelation of some sort... Good for them... But aiming for that would probably not be the best reason to take up aikido or any other activity for that matter..

Now go train

Jørgen Jakob

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