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Re: Belt color importance

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I find it humorous that those with whom have achieved a specific rank and/or belt color designation (for some of us) feel a sense of entitlement and are close-minded when it comes to suggestion and/or correction of a technique from a peer or someone rank below. That says a lot about how that person was trained and how they learn. You have obviously been trained with humility and a sense of respect for those around you. Belt colors are meaningless and no matter what style we are training in, it is a lifetime commitment. When we go to seminars it is easy to tell the good practitioners from the bad. I am an Ikkyu in Tomiki and am in no hurry for Shodan. We wear colored belts because our Shihan (main instructor) tests and promotes with colored belts.
This was also one of my personal moments. At the Shodokan Honbu dojo there is a system of coloured belts which really does serve a purpose since some people train once a week and others train multiple sessions every day and it really is hard to remember all the faces. It is a good rough indicator of background skill.

The university clubs don't have coloured belts but they all enter the club together, train loads together and know each other well.

I still remember how cocky I was as a newly minted green belt and how shocked I was playing shihan to a mere white belt. One of these "Kinki girls" (Kinki Daigaku) shorter and lighter than I was broke my grip and tossed me with a perfect gedan-ate - I never even saw it coming. I was more careful after that.

Coloured belts have no more meaning than a tool to organize teaching. My general suggestion is that when you visit another club, even in the same style, you wear your white belt.

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