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Nicholas Eschenbruch
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Re: Does Modern Aikido Teach Enlightenment?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I figured all of us lowly "kyu level" forumites can share a conversation where everyone can participate.

My answer is an emphatic No. Modern Aikido has in its fundamental core too many negative attributes to overcome the positive ones. Because of this, enlightenment won't be reached.

Hi Mark,
thanks for doing this, I had the same thought, and still lack about three years or so to be allowed to post over there ...

So much about the agreement.

As for the rest of the points being made here and over there, I mainly have questions:

Are there any disciplines that successfully "teach enlightenment" at all? How would we know they do, and who would be able to tell? What is it anyway? What is a "negative attribute" at the "fundamental core" that somehow stands in the way of "teaching enlightenment"?

Are/were there any "enlightened" aikido teachers so far?

I do believe aikido can be a spiritual path, if it is practised that way. So can all sorts of things. However, that is in the hearts and minds of concrete people, and not in some generalised idea of a discipline and its attributes, IMHO.
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