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Re: Belt color importance

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Few years ago I participated at an international stage. In that time I was 1 kyu and accordingly with our Iwama's school regulation I was wearing an white belt. We were practicing jo suburi and a guy near me wearing a brown belt was doing very bad, pushing the jo without sliding but just gripping it very tight and moving it like pile driver. I told him in a polite tone that he is doing it in a wrong way. He looked at my belt and says " who the fuck do you think you are, a sensei??"
I find it humorous that those with whom have achieved a specific rank and/or belt color designation (for some of us) feel a sense of entitlement and are close-minded when it comes to suggestion and/or correction of a technique from a peer or someone rank below. That says a lot about how that person was trained and how they learn. You have obviously been trained with humility and a sense of respect for those around you. Belt colors are meaningless and no matter what style we are training in, it is a lifetime commitment. When we go to seminars it is easy to tell the good practitioners from the bad. I am an Ikkyu in Tomiki and am in no hurry for Shodan. We wear colored belts because our Shihan (main instructor) tests and promotes with colored belts.
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