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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Wow!!! If a "black belt" can't throw a lower ranking belt, then there is something wrong----NOT with your honesty but with his "skill", which doesn't sound too good to me.
I think we should all be honest, the "belt" no matter the color doesn't do the throwing.

The original post provides very little insight into what was going on. But based on the poster's level (orange belt) could it also be that the senior chose not to "force" the technique for fear of injuring a less experienced partner?

Andy Orwig wrote:
Our head Sensei approached me and told me that 'my control' was not there and that the senior student was upset with me.
This sounds less like a student that is waiting for a solid technique and more like a student that is providing too much resistance for safety concerns.

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