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osensei said that three aikitaisos taught all of aikido, tai no henko, morotedori kokuho, and kokyu dosa.
You will never see Saito doing morotedori kokuho correctly, unless you have a clip before 1963, when I learned it from him, his knees went bad after that, and he could no longer execute the throw correctly.
Even the video of 'Iwama 1964', doesn't show him doing that technique correctly, his knees were already that bad.
On the second part of the throw, you have to place your forward leg behind yourself, and lower only your elbow, this is the meaning of 'elbow power', But no video exists of the technique being done properly, to my knowledge.
Elbow Power has absolutely nothing to do with techiques. Nor would you see elbow power on video. Ueshiba had it, Tomiki had it, Shioda had it. Show me on video where.
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