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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

I've got a great technique for you, its from kung-fu, and If your instructor is reading this, it'll give it all away.
The instructor is holding one end of the jo, and pushes the other end in your hands, which you grab, and pull on. After doing a tug of war for a while, to set him up, you let go of the jo, and, with one hand, you whip throw your end around the instructors neck, The jo is now wrapped around his neck, with him still holding on to one end of it. You step forward, grab the jo, hanging backwards around his neck, and using your other hand/arm, as well, execute an irimi -type throw on him.
Works like a charm against someone who's not ready for it.
But, be careful with it. they might kick you out of the dojo for embarrasing the instructor
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