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Re: 092) Aikido and being centered- Moving inside of youself: May 2012

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
... This is simply a starting place. When someone is making forceful contact with us, we have a reactive tendency to respond on the same vector with force. At this point in time, we are in a conflict and there simply is no way of avoiding the situation that should not have gotten ourselves into. It is vitally important to maintain our state of dynamic equilibrium so that we can be in a place in which there is movement in stillness. When a person makes a forceful contact point on your body, that person will experience a deflection of the incoming force in a manner that prevents your center from being disturbed. The person will have an experience as if you were in movement, yet you are still. The contact point is a place where we receive the incoming energy, while simultaneously enter with our energy at another point. In this manner, we create a "single entity" that is maintained in a state of dynamic equilibrium through "In-Yo-Ho." We are learning how to move in a manner that maintains that state, which creates the experience of stillness in movement. The person who is joined into your dynamic equilibrium does not receive the forceful reactions that cause a change in an action-reaction paradigm. Our techniques seem to work so well in this state!
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IMO, that is a very good description of the Aiki concepts and principles we are working on that all Aikidoka should be able to relate to


Or already have been there and done that.
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