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Basia Halliop
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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

FWIW, a lot of forums encourage people to respond to old threads rather than create new ones on the same subject.
Yes, this is my experience too. It makes it much easier to organize the posts on a given subject, instead of having to search through many different threads.

Personally the one thing I do find frustrating about old threads on aikiweb is the one or two people who always jump in to comment on the age of the thread. Like, every single time. In other forums I've been in, people don't do that, by the way -- they either join the new/renewed conversation, or not, exactly the same as in any other thread, and if someone else isn't interested, they can freely choose not to read it -- exactly the same as in any other thread.

If the people who are currently discussing the topic are happy to discuss it, and if the moderator doesn't object (or hasn't chosen to close old threads automatically after a certain period of time), IMO it is no business of any random person's to go in and tell people to shut up.
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