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Re: My aikido is at the crossroads

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The shionage spin outs are not happening as much now that I,m stretching them lately it,s been my ukes grounding out on wrist/arm static (not moving) techniques. my only cure is to not let them fully grab me before I move if I let them latch on they ground out and it's a rough day.
that's the aiki part of it. no matter how grounded they are you still should be able to move them by correct body manipulation with using minimal strength. look at the other side and be thankful that they're grounded, that you can't move them yet since that is part of learning aiki and part of learning aikido. Frustration is part of the game. It does not mean that if you get the technique "right" as what you perceive to be right that what you are doing is actually correct. train a few more years and you will understand.

what you are actually doing is ki no nagare already, when your ukes are doing katai training. You will progress much faster if you start from katai to ki no nagare but progress lesser if the other way around but that's just my opinion.
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