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The way others see you

Hi guys, just thinking over the 'feeling ready' part of going for a grading. At my dojo we hold gradings twice a year, and there are 3 of us who've been grading together right from the beginning. Problem is, while the others seem to take it for granted that I'll be up for it with them, the next level's 3rd Kyu. People keep telling me it's a massive step. I've been off the mat injured for a few months, and now that I'm back all I can do is pretty much to try and follow along, try to let it flow again - not matching progress shown by the others in that time while I've been off. Let alone be where I was for the 4th Kyu test.

With about 2 months to go before the grading, I'll think I'll just bury myself in training and try to ignore it all. 'It's not about the belt', etc.. The pressure of it all's just building up a bit though, because I'm constantly reminded that the feeling of how it used to be like just isn't there the same way. Would anyone else be willing to share about their thoughts and experiences when coming back like this?

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