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Re: your number one technique

you may likely get killed or maimed my friend
Or then again, I may likely kill or maim him. It's odd how you think the odds are automatically stacked against someone who intervenes. I'd love to know the logic process that keeps bringing you to this conclusion. The aggressor is human, just like everyone else, including me. He's not a magical boogeyman.

rapists in the scenario you seem to envision rarely act alone.
Wrong. Most women are raped by a single man, usually someone they know, at work or in the home. If you have sources saying differently I would enjoy seeing them.

Keep this in mind: if you know beforehand what happens, you are ready.
It's impossible to know beforehand what will happen. "The fight will not be the way you want it to be. The fight will be the way it is. YOU must be flexible enough to adapt."

You see a guy approaching you and by his eyes you already know (by his eyes ) what he's about to throw at you (with a 60% certainty).
Absolute and unequivocal rubbish. I've indulged in fisticuffs, and you can never tell what's going to happen from looking into your opponent's eyes. It's a fight, not falling in love.

If you are not aware of this thing, namely that from eyes you may have glimpses of what's coming and know exactly the instant he is about to start, consider not intervening.
"You can tell by the eyes" is nothing more than superstitious nonsense. If there is any science to back it up, I would heartily enjoy seeing it. If you were to look at my eyes, for instance, you would be able to tell absolutely nothing and would totally miss my fists beginning to move.

An alleged lady's reputation may not be worth your life.
Whether she's a lady or not really doesn't come into it, and rape damages slightly more than someone's reputation. If a life has worth, it's because one acts in such a way that imbues it with value, not because one merely stays alive. I'm all for a bit of prudence, but advocating never intervening is just as bad as advocating always intervening.
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