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Re: My aikido is at the crossroads

the older ones complain and bitch there injured go easy on them ect. No problem but when I,m uke they lay the hammer on me and when I return the waza the yudansha and ukes bitch at me for going to what do I do change my class schedule or go along.
If this is so, then you ought simply to tell them that what goes around comes around. If they wanna' play hard, then they ought to be able to take whatever they are dishing out. If after telling them this they still blast away on you, then fulfill your promise and have at 'em! If they back off, then you must as well.

If no one sees the situation as you do, your perception of things might be askew. It sounds like everyone is on your case. Maybe they are seeing something in your behaviour to which you are blind. Just a thought.

I had a student who was constantly slamming his training partners around but when it came time for him to be on the receiving end of things he quickly complained of roughness. It was obvious to everyone but him that he couldn't take what he was dishing out. Even after I spoke to him about the situation he couldn't seem to see the problem. Eventually, the tension he created between himself and everyone else caused him to leave the dojo. I suspect he went away convinced that he was utterly blameless, persecuted unfairly by everyone in the dojo. I hope you can be clearer about yourself than this fellow was.

I agree with those who are telling you it is too early in your training for you to be throwing hard. At the level you're at, speed obscures mistakes and weakness in technique (to you, not to those with whom you're training). Slow down and study what you're doing and you will find not only your technique improving but your partners following your example.

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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