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"Whitch way"
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My aikido is at the crossroads

I,ve been studying aikido for about three years now and I,m currently a 4thkyu , so here's my story our dojo offers numerous day and night classes weekly but due to my job I,m forced to attend day classes with an occasional sat. Class with sensei. Now the daytime classes are beginner classes taught by yudansha sandan and higher there's usually 6 of us in classes weekly 2 4th kyu,a 5th kyu and 3. 6th kyus the higher ranks are split up with the beginners the youngest being 30's the rest 50 plus in age the older ones complain and bitch there injured go easy on them ect. No problem but when I,m uke they lay the hammer on me and when I return the waza the yudansha and ukes bitch at me for going to what do I do change my class schedule or go along. Thanks
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