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Re: Marketing for Aikido Dojos and Teachers


here an example from the website of the dojo with the most ambitious schedule I know (there are a minimum of three, but often up to five classes per day).

The website is in Turkish, but even if you just look around you'll find a lot of different information.
Many elements mentioned by George sensei are to be found there; it is continuously updated, it has its Facebook link and is present on twitter, there is a member section with lots of videos and pedagogic material etc.

The dojo is expensive (for Belgian standards, but in Turkey people seem to accept that), but it flourishes. There are about a thousand members, obviously not all of them active, but still the number of active aikidoka is amaying enough.

What is missing a bit are the seminars; they are not so frequent in Turkey as they are here in Belgium (one - three every week-end), but I'm sure that will also come.

Wishing you all much luck with your dojos,

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