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Re: your number one technique

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Should I ever see a lady being raped, I will remember this. Thanks!
you may likely get killed or maimed my friend: rapists in the scenario you seem to envision (by a lady in distress however I had not that scenario in mind: many men are chivalrous and have romantic ideas about a lady in distress inclusive of a lady bugged by a couple of passerbys - yet most of the times they aren't even ladies...) rarely act alone. It is commendable if you decide to intervene, but please remember that you may have only one shot at it.

Too many aikidokas have misconceptions about how dangerous a real fight can be. If you have already been in a MMA contest or boxing contest and you are aware of how a real fight is, you should know your limits and know beforehand what happens. But if you have fought only against ukes in aikido dojos, please my friend remember that a real fight can be very, very different from what our ukes let us experience.

Keep this in mind: if you know beforehand what happens, you are ready. If you don't, you aren't. You see a guy approaching you and by his eyes you already know (by his eyes ) what he's about to throw at you (with a 60% certainty). If you are not aware of this thing, namely that from eyes you may have glimpses of what's coming and know exactly the instant he is about to start, consider not intervening.

And certainly, never with an iriminage.

An alleged lady's reputation may not be worth your life.
Call 911 immediately instead.

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