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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda sensei in the UK - April 20-22, 2012

Hi All
I believe that Ikeda Sensei's explanations are quite straightforward and, in some way, simple. This is why he is such a great teacher and manages to stimulate big audiences in seminars all over the world.
That said, I am not stating here that I manage to do all he explains but again I think this is due to my lack of (daily) practice in these terms.
Sensei tells us a lot of times that the Dojo is like a laboratory, we should experiment. Well, most of the times in our Dojo we hardly have time to do that because most of times the focus is driven differently... and this is not Ikeda Sensei's fault.
I remember the first week long seminar with Ikeda Sensei teaching and thinking to myself (in frustration): "are we not going to do anything else other than katate dori...". After some years of practice I learned to appreciate more and more Sensei's teachings and this is mainly due to the fact that my teacher was in tune to this kind of practice.

Manuel Laranjinha
Renshin Aikido Dojo
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