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Re: IP : videos, explanations and hopefully more

Mateusz Matusiak wrote: View Post
So my questions would be : where can I find genuine videos, papers, explanations of IP. What I understand that IP is a totally different art and its not really a martial art but can be put into one if the practitioner is willing to do so.
Hi Mateusz

In my opinion, I think the best, plain speaking source for this material are Mike Sigman's "How To: Internal Strength" videos. They use to be sold via plumflower press but that site is now defunct (?) so you may need to resort to more interesting measures to source them. I think Volume 2 is especially informative, but YMMV.

These may also be of interest to you -

Internal Strength Magazine

Mike's Aikiweb blog

Speaking of Mike, I've heard that plans are a-foot to host Mike in the UK towards the end of the year; you might like to contact him to confirm.

Of course, there are other resources as well.
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