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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda sensei in the UK - April 20-22, 2012

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
As I have mentioned in my previous post. A great deal of focus was placed on the importance of 'mind' in this training. I got to practice with many people over the course of the seminar, a substantial portion of whom seemed to rely solely on the physical strength of the body. All I can think of is that, the mental aspect of aikido is not part of their regular practice, or if it is, they just don't go there.
I think you have a point Mark, just as a lot of those people who might look at some of the stuffs done and say all well and good....but would it save your ass?

I'd say a lot of people felt better than me at the connectivity stuff., to me anyway..but if it was 'for real' my money would be on my trusty right cross.

Not trying to get into an arguement...its been played out across countless threads on Aikiweb and other forums in the past but I see nothing to be gained in outing those with a different background....and much to be lost if they are offended by perceived criticism of what they and their teachers do. So if you feel your practice is more in line with this stuff than other good for you but lets not be too harsh on others with a background that is perhaps......more 'functional' in approach.

Lets just applaud those that come from a different background for venturing outside of normal parameters and daring to be different. Ikeda himself said it was difficult stuff , just take what you can and next time it will be a little easier.

Sounds good advice to me.

Thanks for the practice by the way.


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