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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda sensei in the UK - April 20-22, 2012

Patrick Hutchinson wrote: View Post
So did Ikeda sensei explain how he did what he does?
Did he elaborate on "move the inside"?
Were you able to reproduce what he did?
If not, why not?
Hi Patrick,

In answer to the first question, I felt that he did explain how he was doing what he was doing. Whether people got what he was explaining was a different matter. He used many different exercises to illustrate essentially the same points. Unity of self first, directed intent, whole mind/body movement. All focus was on breaking uke's balance on contact.

On the question of "move the inside" he showed different ways of moving the body, and moving energy around the body, then how to diminish the external movement, whilst keeping the mental aspect of the movement going. This will have made more sense to some, than to others. I think if you have had no previous exposure to this concept, it may well have been a struggle.

Was I able to reproduce what he did? on the whole yes, (maybe not to the same degree), and as in all learning situations for me, I am focussed on trying to reproduce what has been shown and am acutely aware of my own tensions and any disconnections. I know once I get back into teaching mode, I will have more success.

As I have mentioned in my previous post. A great deal of focus was placed on the importance of 'mind' in this training. I got to practice with many people over the course of the seminar, a substantial portion of whom seemed to rely solely on the physical strength of the body. All I can think of is that, the mental aspect of aikido is not part of their regular practice, or if it is, they just don't go there.

I would note though, that Dan's explanations and exercises focussed on dantien movement, are more accessable and easier to get to grips with.



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