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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Jerome, I am with you. In fact, I teach combatives instructor to avoid the mount and stick with a knee on belly if possible. Mount is too committed. If you have your legs over your opponent it is pretty much impossible to dismount and deal with the next guy without creating a condition for the guy on the bottom to react.

While knee on belly gives up some control of the uke, it allows you to better respond to others. There are always trade offs in everything we do.

Yeah, arm bars...they are real committed solutions, but then again, in the right circumstances...they are a tool.

I try to expose my students to as much of the spectrum and curriculum of jiu jitsu as possible and guide them through the various risk and decision process as possible given different conditions and scenarios.

I have not found one technique/process yet that does not have a use under the appropriate conditions. we just have to make sure we understand what those are!

You bring up a good point about escaping the mount and then losing focus. In CQB training I talk alot to the guys about emotional investment and attachment. Under stress, guys will do just that, get focused on the one guy and hit him over and over again instead of taking him out or isolating him and moving on. We try and build scenarios the educate on this and then create habits that minimize this investment.

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